How the Space Program Spurred Our Economy Part II

Large eras in human history have been defined by the tools we used during the era, i.e. the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age and the Industrial Age. The moon exploration conducted by the U.S. Space Program catapulted the human race into the Technology Age. Computers and technology are now our tools.

The journey to the moon and what was developed in order to get there and back safely has dramatically changed history. This was the true benefit of the space program.

The important point is that the people developing space technology in the 1960s could not have imagined that their efforts to miniaturize electronics would lead to inventions such as the iPhone or iPad.

The iPad, a direct result of miniaturization efforts in the U.S. Space Program

The iPad is a direct result of miniaturization efforts in the U.S. Space Program

As a result, there is now hand-held, affordable computer technology in most households today, technology that has changed our lives. Such advances were beyond their comprehension in the 1960s. Similarly, we have no idea what will ultimately be developed if we make space travel practical. What is certain is that dramatic advances will ensue if reaching orbit becomes easy, safe and affordable.

The bottom line is that we can’t envision the dramatic changes that will occur if we made space travel practical, only that they will occur. Ruling out a renewed space effort because we can’t imagine where it will lead us is a failure in forward thinking. Once low cost travel to space is possible, it is certain we will find many new applications for this technology. The result, a new booming economy will develop. Hopefully, just like the domestic aircraft industry has boosted our economy.

The cancellation of the Space Shuttle program and turning-over space launch vehicles to private industry provides an opportunity to advance technological development and thus provide another boost for the U.S. economy. The book “What If We Made Space Travel Practical?” examines the opportunities this new era presents.

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